luni, 23 mai 2016

moving on

A few years ago I could surely have said that love is endless, and friendship is limitless. I could have been convinced that once you had met your person, your soulmate, your life partner, it is forever. And I couldn’t have imagined that two people who are living their lives together, with the same feelings, moments, decisions and goals could ever get apart. And here I don’t mean only love, I mean friendship too. How two persons who used to talk for hours about daily things, not getting run out of the subjects even if they spend days long in each other’s company, can one day stop even writing “hello”? I really tried to understand why the person you felt most comfortable with, the one who understands every words you said, every pain you felt and share every goal you set, and even not the question is why, but how can this happen! At what moment do you understand that he is not your person anymore, that your life path is the parallel one, not the straight one you shared?. I really tried to think about how people can get from five hours talk to deep and painful silence. It’s very hard to find that lonely moment you decided to stop, or the moment you were thinking about it. I don’t think that feelings can change, once your heart chose to love this person, and your brain approved, it can’t be wrong. You can’t say I don’t feel myself loving you anymore, because your heart can’t change her mind about one person. And still it remains unclear why people who were made for each other find themselves moving on, living happily with somebody else.

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